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Bosch Sensortec promote engine emissions upgrade

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-20 10:26:45
 If we want to know a diesel engine work, not only need the power output of the various components and the synergies provided by the complete combustion of fuel, but also with some of the electronic control unit, and the electronic control unit and require a series of signals to ensure that all engine functions in a normal state, this series of signal you need to pass some of the sensors.

Bosch as a world-class parts giant, developed a sensor for common rail systems, exhaust aftertreatment and engine control provides a more accurate signal input. Core sensor is an integrated wide area of ​​the sensor unit measuring and heating function together, the cell passes a signal to each electronically controlled by them, in order to ensure more complete combustion of fuel, spare parts, with more coordination, more perfect power output, etc., It is a major determinant of the development and optimization of the engine.
Diesel engines oxygen sensor wide area mainly oxygen sensor for measuring the oxygen concentration in the exhaust system and to help achieve emissions and OBD regulations. Core sensor is an integrated wide area of ​​the sensor unit measuring and heating function together. Its measurement data back to the intake system to adjust the optimum air - oil mixture.

In order to achieve the latest diesel exhaust after treatment system and OBD monitoring requirements, Bosch has also developed a nitrogen-oxygen concentration sensor and the exhaust particle sensors.

Camshaft and crankshaft sensors

Time point of fuel into the combustion chamber for the injection process is essential, therefore, non-contact sensor Bosch accurate records of the camshaft and crankshaft positions, according to such a signal to define the entire injection process (including multi-injection) of each The accuracy of a cylinder.

Pressure Sensor

Diesel injection systems depend on precise control of pressure, it is necessary to measure the intake manifold boost pressure on the road, in order to determine the amount of fuel injection. Bosch supercharging pressure sensor is suitable for measuring oil pressure, fuel line.

Differential pressure sensor

Bosch pressure sensor can be regenerated particulate trap control, environmental protection and energy saving. A sensor for measuring the particulate trap upstream and downstream pressure, pressure can be measured by different particulate trap load conditions.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor can measure the different media (for example: water, fuel, oil, etc.) in a wide range of temperatures. Bosch temperature sensor is designed for automotive applications.

In the next few years, will have a lot of sensor applications will be introduced gradually, it is understood, Bosch Sensortec also for common rail systems, handling and engine control provides a more accurate signal input after the exhaust, the engine of progress and advance step by step meet more stringent regulatory requirements diagnosis.