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Beijing Ⅴ standard lead China's heavy truck commercial vehicle conference

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-21 8:39:25
 August 12, China National Heavy Duty Truck Beijing Ⅴ new product launch conference and 2015 China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO T Man technology department tasting held in Beijing. The conference launched 40 types of various types of disposable products, including MC05, MC07, MC11 and Steyr D10 including 4 Beijing five engine products to meet different customer needs. Vice President of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Hong Kong) Limited Liupei Min, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Vice President Cai Jin, the Beijing municipal government and related departments in some industries large customers hundreds of people witnessed the event. Tasting scene, won a total of 357 orders for Taiwan.

Liu speech at the press conference on confidence, said: "In 2009, China National Heavy Duty Truck introduction of German MAN technology, especially advanced MAN engine technology, advanced layout heavy truck development of the core technology platform for long-term development of enterprises laid a foundation can say. from the Yellow River to Steyr, from HOWO to Cayman technology products, China's heavy truck heavy truck technology has always stood at the forefront, leading the entire industry to catch up with world-class level. "In fact, as early as April of this year, China launched the first heavy truck to a full range of national five products covering 5 liters to 13 liters engine engine. During the interview, 刘培民 told reporters this month, the National Research Center for Science and Technology approved by a heavy truck is about to put into operation in China, which is the only one heavy industry Automotive Engineering Research Center. Meanwhile, the country's six-emission diesel technology research projects in China's heavy truck have also been included in the national reporting 863 special programs, countries give huge financial support. "We have reason to believe, on the basis of Beijing and the country's five on five technologies, China's heavy truck emission standards in the country's six development and applications, but also in the whole industry will be able to lead, promote large-scale commercial development of low-carbon and environmental protection." Liupei Min Say.
"Peace of mind, peace of mind, comfortable, at ease," the participants said the most, reflecting China's heavy truck among users of the good reputation and brand image from the other side. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Vice President Cai Jin in the conference with a "good" word, summed up China's heavy truck products, "China's heavy truck technology and new products, like the German MAN, but the price is only half of them , cost-effective, competitive advantages are obvious. Through this event, China's heavy truck market in Beijing will be able to have a good break. "

MAN technology in China's heavy truck HOWO T line Tasting, many lined up Man technology products, including tractors, trucks, hazardous chemicals, transport vehicles, sanitation trucks, refrigerated trucks, intelligent muck cars. Tasting at the scene, the Chinese heavy truck introduced a variety of models of road vehicles. "By implementing Mann technology, we gradually adjust the product structure, road car sales this year, and growth rates are high, the rate of decline is suppressed to some extent." Liupei Min said. In the case of the current decline in the domestic heavy truck market as a whole, the Chinese heavy truck road vehicles are still contrarian substantial growth, we can say that this is highly recognized by users for commercial quality heavy truck in China.
In the event, the user can also feel the real China National Heavy Duty Truck T series of products in terms of vehicle handling performance and excellent dynamic performance. China National Heavy Duty Truck 7H turn two cars side by side, in-situ burning tires, circling drift, driverless trucks and other stunts, allowing users to live hooked, and the most shocking is unmanned situ drift. Riders tuned car after they left the cab to the ground, the whole process is completely done in situ drift in the vehicle itself, showing China's heavy truck T7H excellent performance in terms of handling stability. After the show, many users have to participate in the test drive them, Zero feel China National Heavy Duty Truck T series. After the test ride experience more users, and China National Heavy Duty Truck signing of orders for 40 units T series products.
"The future of the winner must be the person to know with whom to do business, companies have to appeal directly to the user's response, to win the market competition in the future." Liupei Min told reporters. Over the years China's heavy truck pursue personnel for build quality, with fine idea of ​​contributing to society, consciously assume economic and social responsibility for environmental protection. After the launch in Beijing Beijing V emission standard, China's heavy truck to respond quickly to the call of the Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Phase V binding emission standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, creating a meet Beijing Ⅴ (BJ51, BJ52) emission levels of the two power products, comprehensive covering tractors, trucks, muck truck, mixer and a variety of special car platform. For the integrated development of Beijing, Tianjin, providing economic and environmentally friendly solutions.
In order to reduce the user's worries, China National Heavy Duty Truck Release "not to buy out for the purpose of user trial," the experiential marketing strategy. China's heavy truck for the user to provide 3-6 months of vehicle free trial, or even to provide users listed car trial. Up to now, this marketing strategy has also made a good market response. It is reported that China's heavy truck has the approval of just 500 units of the new car trial, truly for the sake of users, coexistence and common prosperity.
"Faced with the new economic situation and environmental needs, we have the confidence, determination, and friends in the community's strong support, with quality products and attentive service, create a new generation of heavy truck leader for users to create greater value, creating greater value for society, for local economic development and realize dream of a powerful car and make greater contribution. "Liupei Min added.