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BYD electric buses Sao Paulo Auto Show debut

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-5 8:32:35
 Sao Paulo September 1 electrical local time on the 1st, three-day Brazil, "National Transportation Bus Exhibition" held in Sao Paulo. Chinese BYD car prices in Brazil local production of pure electric buses debut show, by many customers and visitors of all ages.

BYD exhibited the same day two pure electric bus, which no engine, rely on battery-powered new environmentally friendly buses attracted everyone's attention. Reporters on the scene saw many visitors around the watch BYD buses, many customers have been photographed in front of the bus, the bus-related information to be obtained from a display stand empty. Many people enter the car to watch, some customers continue to ask the staff to understand the performance of pure electric bus.

BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd. Chen Qiang said car sales manager South America, these two buses BYD at the base city of Campinas, Sao Paulo produced, using the new battery-powered, single charge can travel 270 kilometers, ideal for city buses ʱ?? At present, BYD electric buses have been provided matters Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador and Belo Horizonte Principal over 10 cities to discuss, including consultation Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro city made new progress, the two cities is expected to first use BYD electric buses.

a Brazilian man told reporters, "BYD pure electric buses green energy, innovative design, with respect to fuel buses for the more convenient maintenance, operating costs are lower, I prefer this bus. 

On the same day, in the north of Sao Paulo Exhibition Center three-day "Solar America" ​​exhibition, BYD also exhibited a number such as solar panels and other green energy products, by customers welcome and praise.