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Automotive engine manufacturing trends of thinking

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-9-23 9:36:12
Faced with the gap with foreign countries, experts suggest our engine core technology starting from the following four points: First, the national policy support; the second is the concept of change; third is talent cultivation; Fourth, accurate positioning of enterprises, strict management system, improve business innovation capacity.
Future of the automobile industry pattern changes become concerned about the weight. United States proposed "Industrial Internet" strategy, build the country's new competitive advantages depth information network technology and manufacturing integration; Germany proposed "Industry 4.0" strategy, advocating intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory; India in September 2014 launched the "Made in India" Strategic Plan , it announced a series of major policies to attract foreign investment, the intention to create a new generation of world manufacturing plants.
Recalling three times before the Industrial Revolution, for various historical reasons, China does not participate in the previous three industrial revolution, and the industrial revolution was 4.0 Things and manufacturing services of intelligent manufacturing ushered in the fourth as the leading revolutionary. "Made in China 2025" information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration as the main line, to participate in the fourth revolution. Although the new issues, new challenges constantly, new thinking, new models are also trying to subvert, but in fact, China's auto industry is in the best of times: on the one hand, China is the world's largest auto market; on the other hand, the leadership in Asia clean energy revolution, clean energy, such as the Internet for the development of the automotive industry to provide new opportunities. China's manufacturing industry is facing "before and after the attack," the dual challenges of developed countries and other emerging economies. The new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is taking shape intersection with China to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, the new international division of labor are remodeling. Especially as new technologies continue to emerge, it is also undergoing profound changes within the manufacturing sector.
China's dependence on foreign technology current average of more than 50%, cf. generally 30% or less developed countries, the United States and Japan is 5 percent or less there is a big gap, due to the lack of innovative capacity and technological achievements into practical productive forces is difficult to coexist resulting in our core technology and key technology self-sufficiency rate. On the one hand, R & D intensity and innovation-oriented country is significantly lower compared to the same time, in all areas, departments, various aspects of science and technology innovation exist dispersion closed, there is no unified database issue; on the other hand, over the years, China has been there is a scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces ineffective, in technological innovation chain mechanism, there are many institutional level, research with disjointed, innovation and transformation of all aspects of convergence is not tight enough. Due to lack of core technology, making many high-end products can not be independent guarantee, heavily dependent on imports. Annual production of more than two thousand vehicles, but the engine is basically a joint venture, many members are foreign technology. To change these we have a long way to go.
Faced with the gap between the engine core technology, we want to narrow the gap, change the status quo. I think there are four key aspects: First, the national policy support; the second is the concept of change; third is talent cultivation; Fourth, accurate positioning of enterprises, strict management system, improve the innovative capacity of enterprises.
National policy tilt can mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, the development of China's automobile industry and truly powerful, independent innovation is the only way. States must develop in favor of innovation and development of its own brand of industrial policy, rather than a single industrial policy. Government investigation group composed of relevant departments of China's auto industry development status and problems of a thorough investigation, find the key to solve the problem, the introduction of guidance and effective policies and measures authoritative. To learn from each country against its own car brand protection provisions of laws and regulations, the development of government procurement regulations binding, protective, clear its own brand car procurement rules. In the process of participation in a new round of industrial revolution, but also based on giving full play to China's existing strengths. Intelligent industry relates to the field more, should establish innovative model that is in the government sector-led multi-industry alliances.
As manufacturers are the first to change their ideas, change impetuous as pragmatic, from the perspective of technology development, imitation is inevitable, the best way is for effective learning. Japan is not only the automotive technology, as well as heavy industry and so are latecomers, through reverse engineering, is used to the United States, Germany, engine, chassis, dissected, assimilate own automobile engine production in Japan.
South Korean auto industry and Japan has a very similar development path. While other companies are joint ventures, cooperation, they put aside the front of huge returns, threw himself into research and development, of course, which also requires European countries to reverse engineer automotive technology, advanced and borrowing each other's achievements, while development, improvement adaptation technologies and achievements of local markets. Early industrial development of Germany is not as Britain and France, is to do so, complete the import of foreign new equipment; send personnel to learn foreign advanced technology; hiring foreign technicians; to allow foreign enterprises to engage; the implementation of strict scientific management system; German colleges and universities for the plant enterprises to train a large number of scientists, engineers and other senior clerk, primary and secondary education for the enterprises to train a large number of technical personnel and skilled workers. Only change their ideas, concentrated study will close the gap. Sincerely hope that through practical efforts to catch up, the engine of the R & D capabilities rapidly.
Our country must learn German, focus on training follow-up of talent, set up technical schools train engine research and development personnel and skilled workers. The formation of high-end talent group is crucial to the development of our innovative premise and foundation. To attach great importance to talent introduction and personnel training, to give them all the conditions we are able to offer, as far as possible so that they release the intelligence, their research results into new advantages for economic development as soon as possible. Aspect from conception, investment and institutional and other aspects, the establishment of flexible vocational training and learning system, improve the level of vocational and technical schools train skilled personnel, and create conditions conducive to innovative talent incentive mechanism.
Engine business development is the strategic corporate positioning, market research and accurate positioning and business model closely together, how to use innovative means to make products in the market come to the fore, is a top priority for enterprises thinking. Influence 2012 Harbin Dongan Auto Engine AG by the domestic automobile market environment and industry structure adjustment, the company's main distribution depot car sales have fallen sharply, the engine production decreased year by year, the Ministry of accurate market research company, the fourth stage fuel consumption and emissions regulations for the country V lay the foundation for the development of engine products fuel emissions regulations coping strategies, and actively to the depot Recommend offer powertrain solutions, R & D center planning dual VVT, supercharged, direct-injection engine platform and new energy for the company DAM products to market . Classification scheme developed vehicle development projects, by car, MPV, as well as micro-passenger, light truck and mini-trucks and other market segments full scan, combined with customer vehicle product planning situation and the formation of "a factory a policy" to promote the program, has been pioneering Beiqi Foton, Beiqi shares, Chery Automobile and Fujian new Ryoma and dozens of other new depot engine project. 2014 effectively enhance the DAM series engine product's market share. The company also seize the market opportunities firewood into Steam. As the state of emissions tightened, company marketing aimed at commercial enterprises replace diesel gasoline market opportunities, seize the firewood into Steam light truck, micro card market. And light truck leader - PT Foton Zhucheng models equipped DAM15R Aoling cooperation projects underway vehicle engine calibration and durability evaluation test. Enter the field of new energy vehicles, and Beijing's new energy company launched Saab EV range extender mounted M10 project, and was selected as the National Science and Technology "national scientific and technological support for the project." The project will effectively promote the company's follow-up to the new energy markets. Three years of grinding sword final harvest, in 2015 the company substantial increase in production.
Engine companies supporting industries as car prices, car prices to meet the needs of reform and development, strengthen research and innovation, a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, to create well-known brands.