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Auto parts companies struggle to borrow capital east

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-7 8:22:48
With the stock market continued to take the cattle, Dongfeng Auto Parts also ushered financing intensive period. Many companies choose to issue stock to refinance to support enterprises to strengthen the core business, expanding new market, or restructuring and development of new industries, and is planning a reorganization or intentional non-public offering of shares of companies are not unusual.

Financing has been China's auto parts enterprises have to talk about the topic. With the increase research capabilities, automated production efficiency improvement, new materials, new technology application acceleration of market-oriented, and by the concept of intelligent manufacturing worldwide to enhance the positive impact of industrial action and "Made in China 2025" submitted the depth of integration and information technology requirements, China's auto parts enterprises need to accelerate the "transformation" of speed. And a large number of auto parts companies are in the past to meet the globalization passive, and explore the development path of globalization, global support capabilities to active culture. This process, many companies need a lot of financial support.

■ financing tide has come

In recent months, at least Chinese domain car, shares in the tripod, all-electronic automotive components and other eight listed companies officially released non-public offering plan, plus Ocean Motor, molding technology, Jiangsu, broad-minded and so are planning due to non-public offering of stock items or restructuring and suspension of business, and last year's release of non-public offering plan of enterprises, total should be more than 20, which does not include Dongfeng auto parts companies newly listed this year.

We can see that China's auto parts market listed companies in anticipation of the future from these enterprises financing plan, the analysis of the development of their enterprises. On the other hand, it also reflects the changes in China's capital market environment and the development of China's auto parts industry, the strong demand for capital. Later this year, it is likely to be more car parts listed company added "financing army" in.

A reporter from the Investment Manager artificially Ping An Bank Shanghai Branch of the analysis of the current situation. In his view, the world's leading auto parts enterprises stationed in China in joint venture, led the development of the domestic auto parts enterprises to improve production levels. Independent parts enterprises need to integrate research and development to enhance the strength and industrial chain. Parts listed companies should actively use the power of capital financing platform for large-scale merger integration at home and abroad.

■ improve the business structure to enhance the core product capacity

Now, with the intelligent core of the new technology and the intersection of automotive energy revolution is driving the formation of the new eco-car industry, changing the competitive landscape of the automotive industry and development, the auto parts business transformation and development of strategic opportunities. In such a context, April 21, the nation's largest auto parts companies, one of the Chinese domain car, plans to raise funds 8.97 billion yuan, will focus on intelligent driving, research and development of new energy vehicles core components, automotive air conditioning systems, mold and thermoforming technology, and other services, in order to achieve the integration of resources related business development and collaboration between the plates. It is worth noting that SAIC Huizhong company holds 100% stake in its Chinese domain car to subscribe the offering a 50% stake. SAIC has taken the overall adjustment of its parts industry pace.

The recent new listings auto parts companies, they hope to raise funds for the upgrading of production capacity with a certain competitive parts of the product, which is more likely to be supported by investors. Just listing the near Dragon shares, raising 387 million yuan for the construction of automotive heat exchange pipe and related accessories and technical center expansion project to enhance the level of the main business. Fuda after the listing of the shares, to raise $ 1.2 billion is mainly used for engine crankshaft, automobile clutch, spiral bevel gear products and other main parts of the production line of technological upgrading and intelligent transformation, and new marine engine crankshaft project, the autonomous innovation and the introduction of a combination of absorption, further enhance the core competitiveness.