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Along the way in the second half by the impact of the sales of commercial vehicles or pick up

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-7-31 9:34:18
 New energy commercial vehicles will no longer calm blue ocean, or meet a large number of Nuggets

With upgrades fuel emissions vehicle purchase energy saving situation and enterprises are facing increased costs, companies began to flock to the new energy commercial vehicles, but on the first half of the business layout view, there are not many businesses operations. However, data from the Ministry of the show, new energy automobile manufacturers are further increased enthusiasm for production, according to statistics the whole motor vehicle factory certification, in June 2015, China's new energy automobile production 25,000, an increase of 3 times. Among them, the pure electric commercial vehicles production 6218, an increase of 5 times, plug-in hybrid commercial vehicle production 1645, an increase of 148%. Therefore, the second half of the new energy field of commercial vehicles may present trend is to focus on the layout.

July 21, JAC launched the non-public offering plan, intended to be not less than the price of 13.88 yuan / share, to not more than 10 specific object net proceeds of not more than 4.5 billion yuan, invest in new energy passenger cars and core Parts construction, high-end light truck and electric transmission projects and the construction of three high-end commercial projects, of which 2.295 billion investment in the development of new energy commercial vehicles, municipal sanitation and urban logistics focus the two major markets, and strive to build the first brand new energy commercial vehicle .

But before the JAC, BYD and Geely also has layout of new energy commercial vehicles.

July 9 morning, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Nanchong new energy R & D and manufacturing base for commercial vehicles groundbreaking ceremony was held in Nanchong, Nanchong new energy commercial R & D and manufacturing base line first new energy Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in China layout construction commercial projects, planning a total investment will reach 7 billion yuan, covers an area of ​​1530 acres intends to build an annual output of 100,000 commercial vehicles new energy and gas engines 50,000 units of production base.

Continued to decline in the commercial vehicle market with national macroeconomic and policy adjustments are closely linked, especially truck market. For example, sales of heavy truck market has become the hardest hit in the first half of this year from January to June sales of 295,500, the cumulative decline of 31.1%.

Still limited room for growth, overall sales or warmer, market concentration will continue to improve

On the current policies and economic performance data, the second half of this situation or partial rebound. Recently, 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) announced the first half of the local economic performance data, the country's GDP grew faster than the average rate in the first quarter, the eastern region to lead the rebound, but at the same time, the Ministry of Transport informed the first half of 2015 traffic transportation economic performance shows that in the case of total fixed asset investment growth slowed, the transportation investment growth rise, not fall, highway and waterway investment in fixed assets 718.8 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5%.

Affected by these factors, the commercial vehicle market in the second half may be relatively optimistic, but transportation and other building effective slow, so does the commercial vehicle market in the second half showed significant changes.

In addition, the overall performance of the first half of the enterprise, the market concentration is rising. In heavy trucks, for example, the total share of the top ten in the first half of this year before heavy truck further improved from January to June, Dongfeng, heavy truck, FAW, Shaanxi Auto, Foton, JAC, Valin, the Grand Canal, the North Pennines, Hongyan this before Ten companies share amounted to 97.2 percent, higher than last year by 0.4 percentage points, the market concentration has continued to increase, while the high-end of the market along with the trend, in view of factors affecting the ability of the product mix and upward, leaving small businesses and New business survival time will be less and less.

May 18, BYD Co., Ltd. and Changsha Economic Development Zone signed a cooperation memorandum, announced plans to invest 5 billion yuan, BYD electric trucks and special vehicles project located in Changsha.

In addition, the field of new energy passenger vans will be more lively. According to the latest statistical data analysis, the first half of 2015, the price of high-end passenger car sales totaled more than 900,000 in 2066, with more than 1566 more than 500 in 2014, an increase of 31.9%, corresponding to 2.76% of the same period last year an increase of nearly 29.1 percentage point increase significantly increased, relatively strong growth, which is part of the increase is mainly medium-sized passenger car sales surge of new energy, the increase in these new energy bus, there is a price of 90 million or more (such as large electric buses deduction After the state-subsidized prices remained at 90 million or more), so as to promote the growth of more than 900,000 high-end passenger car market.

In this market environment, in addition to the traditional mainstream bus manufacturer coded layout of the new energy outside, Guangzhou Automobile, BYD, Shaanxi Auto and other companies also have the influx, such as BYD in Zengcheng, Guangzhou Automobile joint development of new energy bus; Shaanxi Automobile Holdings King Long Motor Group Co., Ltd. and formally signed in Xi'an, a joint venture between Airbus.

New energy commercial vehicles has become a well-deserved commercial areas of blue, the second half will usher in more capital inflows.

Commercial network will achieve further development

"Efficient, Green, Internet, security," the four major trends that are shaping the global commercial vehicle industry, and continues to have an impact on the industry in the coming years. Wherein the interconnection is especially important for the future of high-end commercial vehicle movements.

Commercial vehicle belonging to a managed networking tool that helps users of its value is different from the unique mission of passenger car networking, interoperability and commercial basis the economic benefits will be faster and more efficient than passenger cars, which includes remote fault diagnosis, load monitoring, performance analysis, order management applications, online testing, big data, telematics technology will enable the development of commercial and fleet integrated link, which ensures that the commercial vehicle networking market space ; on the other hand, in recent years the state has adopted a series of regulatory policy specification commercial vehicle, commercial vehicle networking has become promoting the development of catalysts.

Telematics practice Hager, Yutong, Shaanxi Auto and other car firms have commercial prototype, but the user acceptance of the product and market knowledge is still in the training stage, for car prices, they may face time and put money on the short term is difficult to realize the lack of uniform standards and norms predicament macroeconomic environment. However, car prices need to be upfront at this stage in the application of research and development of mining products and market segments to find opportunities.

With the "Made in China 2015" and other relevant policies launched and the first half of car networking, intelligent development achievements, the second half of commercial networking possible to achieve new progress.

Layout continues to accelerate along the way

"Along the way" strategy has nearly 60 countries involved in supporting, covering a total population of about 4.6 billion, the total GDP of $ 20 trillion, or about a third of the global economy in the country "along the way" involved in, with many car annual sales over one million level of regional markets, which will usher in a new round of auto industry development opportunities. Although the stimulating effect of a national strategy to bring along all the way this lag may exist, but for car prices, it has officially entered the layout stage, looking to force the point, and promote industrial upgrading.

At present, with the advance of China's "along the way" strategy, the China National Heavy Duty Truck, Foton, SAIC Chase, JAC and other commercial enterprises have begun to layout overseas strategy and planning, even invested heavily in building overseas factories to expand production capacity.

The second half, this trend will be intensified.

High-end transformation clearer

Another important reason is that China's high-end commercial vehicle sales shackles of changes in market demand, so, starting from the first half, either their own or external factors are driving the local high-end enterprise transformation. Volkswagen, Volvo Italian high-end commercial vehicle business in China

In the first half, foreign vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Volvo moves frequently in China, hopes to cooperate with Chinese companies may deepened, Schaeffler high-profile announcement will be a new attitude to develop the Chinese truck market, met with Dongfeng, China's heavy truck to carry out technical exchanges; Johnson Controls brand's high-end car seat RECARO it clear that I want to develop the Chinese commercial vehicle market, the high-end seats; Eaton, which has had a full range of commercial vehicle transmissions suppliers, has for the Chinese commercial vehicle changes in the market has changed the development strategy and look forward to more substantial open the Chinese market.