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A slight increase of heavy truck light truck dismal July truck market fell to expand

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-27 8:45:06
 China Automobile Industry Association recently released data show that in July 2015, China's production of 175,600 trucks, a decline of 16.08%, down 11.26%; truck sales 190 700, a decline of 20.80%, down 10.20%. Compared with June, sales ring than decline significantly expanded, compared to the same period last year, production and sales by a slight increase in June into a more substantial decline.

Specific to the market segments, in addition to mini trucks up a slight increase, the remaining sales are showing double down the chain with miserable situation, in which: Heavy truck sales 34 900 and 37 200, a decline of 14.51 percent and 25.91 percent, down 27.03 % and 26.43%; medium-duty truck sales were 11,300 and 12,600, a decline of 7.66% and 9.24%, down 30.06 percent and 15.73 percent; light truck sales were 93,200 and 102,600, a decline of 17.62 % and 17.24%, down 5.41% and 7.62%; mini-truck sales were 36,100 and 38,200, a decline of 15.92 percent and 27.38 percent, an increase of 2.46% and 7.14%.
Although the June truck market in the short-term signs of recovery, not only stopped the production and sales this year, with continued double down the momentum of the chain, compared with the same period last year, sales have returned to modest growth, but into July, heavy-duty truck and medium truck market sales are still in decline among, and the decline in the expansion, while June sales rose contrarian light trucks and mini trucks market also could not withstand the pressure from up to down light truck, micro card or narrowed.
Seen in this light, the truck market in July did not give a good start in the second half, car prices will further increase the pressure.
Heavy truck market suffered another hit
July, China's heavy truck sales 34 900 and 37 200, a decline of 14.51 percent and 25.91 percent, down 27.03% and 26.43%; 1 to July total sales 332,400 and 332,700, down 33.26 percent and 30.64%.
Compared to July's heavy truck sales have fallen sharply in June 13100, so that the chain fell to expand more than 20 percent decline compared to last year, there have been increases in June with heavy truck production and sales ring than the decline narrowing trend also screeching halt, indeed not the busy season, off-season is very short. Affected by this, from January to July total sales decline of heavy trucks also fell more than 31.13% year on year in the first half is more bleak.
Whether the decline in June sales in July narrowed or decline intensified heavy truck market fluctuations closely associated with the macroeconomic situation. Data show that from January to July, the national fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) 28.8469 trillion yuan, up 11.2% nominal growth, the growth rate down 0.2 percentage points over the January to June, in which industrial investment growth than 1-6 month fell 0.3 percent, investment in infrastructure (excluding electricity) growth rate down 0.9 percentage points over the January to June, plus off-season doldrums soon macroeconomic situation, laying the heavy truck market in July tragedy tone.
Companies from the sales point of view, the top five in July Dongfeng, heavy truck, FAW, Shaanxi Auto and Foton, sales were 7347, 6719, 5933, 5597 and 5207, total sales of 30,800, accounting for 82.80% of total sales of heavy trucks; whether chain or a year, five were tested car prices decline to varying degrees, in which east and Shaanxi Automobile with a decline of more than 30%.
In fact, look at the entire heavy truck market, the July sales ranking of the top ten companies are a different ring than double drop bleak. In addition to the FAW, sales were remaining nine car prices fell by more than than 10 percent, the worst decline JAC has reached 45.09%. Tough market conditions in hidden competition, so that heavy truck prices also feel suffering, have recently been held in the Business Conference to dealers and encouraging, but clearly the market reaction is not good.
From the total sales, this year's first seven months, Shaanxi Auto, Foton, JAC and SAIC Iveco Hongyan sales lagged behind the industry average, ranked fourth last year has been replaced by Foton Shaanxi Auto, slipped to fifth bit, SAIC Iveco Hongyan then fell nearly Qi Cheng, dropping to tenth place; in the Volvo Ocean Race, land races "Dongfeng truck driver competition" also came to an end earlier this month in the east, its new multi-channel forms of marketing do not seem to try to bring positive feedback sales, although ranked the first place, sales are better than the industry average, but July has been back over the first half performance; and thanks to Man Platform products the amount of large single tractor product and the first half of natural gas, heavy truck's performance is better than the industry average.
The card market decline narrowed
In July, China's medium-duty truck sales were 11,300 and 12,600, a decline of 7.66% and 9.24%, down 30.06% and 15.73%; 1 to July total sales were 104,500 and 105,700, an decreased 28.29% and 26.93%.

From the sales point of view, the card market in July compared to June compared with the ring to reduce the decline has, in particular, the chain fell narrowed by nearly 5 percentage points, maintaining the downward trend slowed in June, but overall, and heavy truck markets, dragging down the entire truck market performance. Macroeconomic data show that in July China's industrial producer prices were down 0.7%, down 5.4%, with qoq than June widened. Crude oil prices continued to fall, commodity price fluctuations, economic downward pressure on the market is still in the cards inhibition.
Companies from the sales point of view, the top five in July Dongfeng, FAW, Lifan, Qingling and Sichuan Hyundai, sales were 3335, 3225, 2296, 805 and 670, sales totaled 10,300, accounting 81.99% of total sales in the cards; compared with June, FAW and Lifan there had been encouraging adverse economic growth, the chain rose 27.87% and 28.70% respectively, and the remaining three are different degrees of decline, which fell 59.65% Qingling, let People feel more accidents; and compared to last year, in addition to adverse economic growth Lifan 65.78%, the remaining four car prices were decreased, which Qingling fell more than four percent.
Cumulative sales in the past seven months, the Lifan has become this year's dark horse deserved card market, an increase of 96.69 percent last year, sales are still outside the top five this year, jumped third. Partial Lifan except at the southwest occupied geographical advantages, but also thanks to constantly enrich the product line in recent years, high-end transition has been very successful recently with Weichai Power Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the export market in Southeast Asia also gains on large orders, Houshengkewei.
The JAC, Foton's heavy truck and several veteran in the card business it appears to be inadequate, especially in heavy truck sales in January-July fell by 84.71 percent, from the third drop once the ninth, JAC and Beiqi Foton also It fell more than four percent. Dongfeng, FAW and Qingling remained significantly better than the industry average of a state run.
The plate is not in the cards market, but competitive level comparable to the proportion of card and light trucks, according to the polarization of the current trend, the pattern may be in the cards market first appeared in the truck coming changes in all market segments, some companies will be reduced or business card market, shifting the focus to a larger market segment to market capacity, there are some perhaps this fall, the card market reshuffle is simmering.
Light truck market from up to down
July, China's light truck sales were 93,200 and 102,600, a decline of 17.62 percent and 17.24 percent, down 5.41% and 7.62%; 1 to July total sales 920,700 and 917,200, down 12.80 % and 13.0%.

Compared with June, a decline of production and sales of light truck market has been reduced, but compared to the same period last year but grew in June by a commendable turned down in June just appeared a little warmer this small flame extinguished.
China's economic growth in the downstream of stabilization, the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data show that in July 2015, July 2015, the national consumer price index rose 1.6% MoM increase in June compared with an increase of 0.2 percentage points 1 to July rose an average of 1.3 percent over last year; however, this increase is largely the price of pork and some first-tier cities affected by skyrocketing housing prices, deflationary pressures still hanging his head; in addition to the livelihood of bad economic downturn, as well as country IV emission standard upgrade implementation forward, the limit line range of environmental law enforcement and the city increased.
Companies from the sales point of view, the top five in the first half was Foton, JAC, Gold, wind and Jiangling, sold separately 18700, 13200, 9987, 9388 and 8629, total sales of 58,000, light trucks accounted for 56.54% of total sales; compared with June, five car companies have different degrees of decline, in which the Gold Cup and JMC decline more than 30%, worse than the industry average; compared to last year, in addition to BAIC Fukuda and Gold contrarian rose 4.91%, respectively, and 33.05%, the other three car companies have different degrees of decline.
Among the sharp decline in the heavy truck market is already highly competitive, low market concentration of the light truck market naturally fight will not be easy. Since the impact of the light truck market last year by the State IV emission standards implementation is rather high, price and maintenance costs caused by emissions from both upgrade promotion, reached the market, though the whole is bad, but it is a strong corporate technical reserves the opportunity to reflect their own advantages.
From the total sales, most of the car companies did better than the market average to poor, ranking third in the last year fell 25.38 percent of Dongfeng, ranking slipped one, was a slight increase of 0.49 percent year on year in the JMC replaced, and which eye-catching performance undoubtedly Lifan and Qingling, contrarian growth of 27.02 percent, respectively, and 10.03%. Obviously, in the light truck market consumption upgrade process ahead of the layout of the enterprise market withstood the storm, such as Jiangling, Qingling, in the light truck market performed well in the dark horse Lifan, its success is inseparable from its high-end brand of truck platinum Chun It launches.
The performance of the most amazing Chinese heavy truck, total sales jumped 258.06 percent year on year, partly because of its smaller base, the other is to benefit from the amount of its high-end light truck HOWO products, and its light truck division has been set up only three more than a year, to grasp the market situation is very accurate, very flexible business policies, from 1 to July sales have reached 32,700, far exceeding the 20,000 sales target this year.
Oliver solitary micro card market
July, China's mini-truck sales were 36,100 and 38,200, a decline of 15.92 percent and 27.38 percent, an increase of 2.46% and 7.14%. 1 to July total sales 300,300 and 307,800, production fell 1.91 percent, 1.08 percent sales growth.

June of light trucks and mini trucks or truck market sales growth of two major power source, while light truck lacks the strength in July, and the remaining micro card thriving. On the one hand, the rigid demand brought about by the process of urbanization is still, on the other hand, the affected State IV emission standard upgrade, limited license limit line policy factors less affected, in addition to the development of small and medium cities quickly express logistics industry, micro card can be in the darkness lit a solitary.
Companies from the sales point of view, the top five in July is SAIC-GM-Wuling, Foton, Chongqing Changan, Dongfeng and Shandong Kama, sold separately 20100, 5934, 5233, 2646 and 1060, total sales 35000, accounting for 91.60% of total sales of micro card; compared with June, five car prices were down more than 20%, of which the most wind down 48.22%; compared to last year, in addition to SAIC-GM-Wuling and Changan respectively growth of 28.98% and 1.10%, the remaining three have varying degrees of decline.
As the highest degree of market concentration truck market segmentation, trend micro card market is most obvious.
As can be seen from the total sales, the market leader SAIC-GM-Wuling 1 to July contrarian growth of 12.84%, further widening the gap with competitors large; reasons analysis in two ways, first, SGMW reputation in the market and the micro card already accumulated unmatched, Matthew is obvious; the second is that this year, Wuling Hongguang V, S and other new light Wuling launched, led the sales growth.
While Shandong Kama and FAW are at full speed to catch up, respectively, an increase of 43.58% and 41.57%, a smaller base of the Gold Cup this year has been improvement, soared 252.52 percent. In contrast, Dongfeng and Chery have been going in the micro-card market some difficulty, the former fell by nearly a quarter, which already dropped out of the top five sales. Visible micro card market, although overall relatively stable, competition has never stopped.