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2015 Construction Machinery Industry Keywords

Author : Qijing Date : 2015-8-9 9:52:30
 In 2015, a number of new terms are mentioned in the various meetings on the industry, and the construction machinery industry has also been extensive media talk, they are:
"New normal", "O2O", "Industry 4.0 zhizao Industry and Information Technology" and "energy saving", let's take a brief look:
"New normal"
In May this year, the general secretary Xi Jinping stressed study in Henan, China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, we want to boost confidence, from the current features of economic development point of view, to adapt to the new normal, maintain a normal state of mind strategy. As disclosed one after another in the first half economic data, people also have more new normal real knowledge and experience.
"New normal", in essence, is to enter the high efficiency, low cost and sustainable high-speed growth phase. Literally, the "new" is "different from the old quality"; state "normal" is a frequent occurrence. "New normal" is different from the past, a relatively stable state. This is a trend, an irreversible state of development means that China's economy has entered a period of rapid growth over the past 30 years new and different stage.
Construction machinery industry after a decade golden period of development has entered a stable period of development, which is what we call the new normal. Development of construction machinery industry, along with China's reform and opening up and rapid expansion, many companies have been involved in the construction machinery industry, and some do not have the research, production enterprises have also involved, which also confirms the words of China's economic development, "not the creation of conditions Conditions should be on. "
This creates a situation of cohabitation, numerous large and small manufacturers. Understanding recent industry news friend has found that many small factories of small businesses, will be able to survive as long as there is a market, under "new normal" emerged starving Montreal situation. Some have formed its own brand of business to take layoffs, pay cuts, shrinking policy can barely support, while the other part would powerless, have to close down.
Although the construction machinery industry environment under enormous pressure, but we must see that China's construction machinery industry still has great resilience and potential, there are still the world's largest market capacity. Enterprises have been difficult to sustain the traditional marketing model, the blind pursuit of market share, competitive aggressive marketing strategy will not be sustainable. The words of one industry, the "new normal" under the enterprise not only to achieve the transformation switch, after deep plowing market, to achieve "innovation and development" in order to survive and thrive.
O2O, namely: Online To Offline (online-offline / online to offline)
"O2O" refers to the line of business opportunity combined with the Internet, so the Internet becomes the foreground offline transactions, the concept first from the United States. "O2O" The concept is very extensive, long industrial chain, both related to the line, but also relates to the line, it can be known as "O2O". In the "Internet thinking", "Fans economy" and so on, in 2013 flooded the Internet vocabulary cooling while, "O2O" in 2014 is still alive.
Currently three popular "O2O" mode:
The first category: the drainage line for the next line, similar to the "OTA", buy site, through flow lines, gathering information and products to the line of business cooperation to bring customers online platform to make money from commissions.
The second category: online and offline sales channels in parallel, this model requires companies to have their own stores or agents, and the cost of the line is much higher than the cost line, which gives the line of stores and agents bring the pressure, so manufacturers generally try to keep the price the same below both online and offline.
The third category: the line for the online guide, this model is similar to the Su Ning, the online experience, mode of online transactions. We believe that this model is currently the construction machinery industry also needs time.
We know that the current existence of the construction machinery industry trading price does not fully transparent, a huge amount of the transaction, the short term can not be reached as online transactions like FMCG, and will involve mortgage payments, banks, financial institutions, and public relations, etc. industry characteristics. Obviously, the second and third class "O2O" transaction model is not suitable for the construction machinery industry characteristics. The first category is the line drainage line, the bypass can be very good at this series of questions, and provide more quality products and more appropriate prices for industrial users, but also for enterprises to open up a new sales model and sales platform.