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Tian Jinzhong axle sedan debut

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May 17, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. customized research and development of new products - Dongfeng days Jinzhong axis sedan special car, in Wuhan East of the storage and transportation Co., Ltd. debut. Site, the two companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Dongfeng commercial vehicles will provide a reliable car transport logistics solutions. At the same time, Dongfeng commercial vehicle "sedan industry Miles" activities officially launched, will further help the domestic car transport industry, efficient operation.
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In recent years, the capacity of the transport industry continues to improve, the proportion of domestic road transport industry continues to expand, the state of the shipping industry to put forward new regulatory requirements. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. as the domestic heavy truck industry logistics solutions service providers, the first to implement the new national laws and regulations to promote the healthy development of the industry.
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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. brings together the traditional advantages of the benchmark value of the card industry in the 47 years, around the customer needs of the sedan industry segment market, devote themselves to technology research and development, joint Tianjin Rauer and other industry-leading modified manufacturers, Out of the East wind in the set of sedan sedan special car to meet the full range of logistics operations needs.
Dongfeng days Jinzhong axis sedan special car with economic fuel-efficient, easy to modify, safe and comfortable product features. New products meet the requirements of the new regulations of the ultimate load, tilt the vehicle storage, effectively expand the loading space, the same length, not wide, more than the traditional car carrying vehicles. Dongfeng days Kam special car with high horsepower, high torque, faster, more efficient operation, turning radius smaller, easy to control the city to deal with road conditions. At the same time, the main car and trailer can be separated from the use of short-distance transport more flexible.
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Sedan new favorite, trust Dongfeng. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is committed to continuing to provide customers with satisfactory logistics solutions. Activities scene, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager Sun Zhenyi, East China Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. Jiang Hui, general manager of the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At the same time, a two-month Dongfeng commercial vehicle "sedan industry Miles" activities, officially launched for the country. Dongfeng Automobile Company Deputy General Manager Tong Dongcheng, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Gang, Dongfeng Import and Export Company Party Secretary Pan Chengzheng, Tianjin Anderson Group Chairman Cui Hongjin, Tianjin Raul modified plant general manager Xu Peng participated in the launching ceremony.
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Talk about Dongfeng Tian Jinzhong axis sedan special car, a logistics company in Wuhan, general manager of Mr. Yang told reporters: "80% of our logistics vehicles are Dongfeng commercial vehicles, the two sides have established long-term trust relationship. Industry regulations will face an important adjustment, the operation of the shipping business model will also have a great impact.Dongfeng commercial vehicles in the regulation of the occasion, for the transport logistics enterprises to provide a complete product solutions, so that we can adapt as soon as possible Changes in national laws and regulations, for the efficient transport of logistics to provide protection, would like to users are thinking.