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Ten years after the Chinese heavy truck AMT share will be more than half of the heavy truck field new attempt

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The next 3 to 5 years, China's heavy-duty commercial vehicle automatic mechanical transmission AMT market will have a greater breakthrough.
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September 6, Weifu truck and light passenger transmission technology business unit in China Wei Guoqing told reporters: "We infer that in 2017, 2018 is the heavy tractor AMT market incubation period; 2019 will be the product into Period, the market sales will be greatly improved; 2020, heavy tractor sales in 20% will be equipped with AMT; 2025, the proportion will be more than 50%.

Wei Guoqing said that China's heavy truck market is still the world's manual transmission, AMT is still in the import period. Over the past six years, ZF has been trying to import AMT in the field of heavy-duty vehicles in China, mainly 12-bit products, in the test-marketing stage, and did not invest too much in marketing marketing, but focused on further analysis of AMT in the Chinese market The adaptability of the user's feedback and how to make AMT better suited to the complex road conditions in China.
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"The use of the heavy truck in the Chinese market is more complex than that of Europe and the United States, and the calibration and adjustment of the AMT are also more complex," said Wei Guoqing. "The ZF has been calibrated in China longer than in other countries.
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With the domestic highway network tends to improve, more stringent regulations, overloading phenomenon has been reduced, more customers in understanding the reliability of AMT, fuel economy, efficiency and driving comfort, began to slowly accept AMT, But also willing to pay for the truck due to increase the cost of AMT, and the use of vehicle efficiency can reduce the use of integrated costs.
Wei Guoqing said that the past few years in the market cultivation period, ZF continue to improve the local technical service capabilities, to adapt to the Chinese market and road conditions to be ready to take the market quickly take off when the better service to Chinese customers. To this end, ZF will be put into operation in China in 2019 the latest generation of AMT, then ZF heavy truck AMT will be more market competitiveness, better serve the Chinese market.