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Yuchai lead the domestic engine industry brand value list

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Recently, as one of the world's three major brand value assessment agencies in the world brand laboratory in Beijing released in 2016 (the eleventh) China's 500 most valuable brand list. Yuchai to 281.95 billion yuan brand value topped the list No. 103, the brand value increased by 4.92 billion yuan last year, continue to lead the domestic engine industry brand, and ranked first in the value of Guangxi enterprises.
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In the context of the new normal, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing great challenges and challenges of transformation and upgrading, selected China's 500 most valuable brand list of the threshold is also getting higher and higher. At the press conference, Robert Mundell, chairman of the Nobel laureate in economics, said: "This year is the 13th year of the World Brand Lab's preparation of the Chinese brand report. For the 500 million yuan, the average value of the top 500 brands 49.43 billion yuan .13 years later 2016, the threshold has been raised to 2.265 billion yuan; and the top 500 brands of the average value of up to 26.539 billion yuan, an increase of 436.90 %. "Yuchai as a leader in the domestic gas turbine industry, the face of economic downturn, overcapacity of the grim situation, the brand value is still contrarian growth, reflecting the strong overall strength of enterprises and products in the market access to a high degree of recognition.
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2016 Yuchai Group will focus on "reform and innovation and strong reinforcement of the efficiency of the" operating principles, and actively promote the "second pioneering" and 2014-2018 strategic planning landing and implementation, to promote transformation and upgrading and reform and innovation, full Play Yuchai brand advantage, the brand influence from the traditional manufacturing industry to expand to the service-oriented manufacturing industry, build independent innovation brand enterprises, cultivate independent innovation brand industry, the development of independent innovation brand economy.

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It is understood that the world brand laboratory (WorldBrandLab) is an international and professional brand research institutions, headquartered in New York, the 1999 Nobel laureate in economics, "the father of the euro", the United States Columbia University professor Robert Meng (Robert Mundell) as a chairman, wholly owned by the world's leading strategic consulting firm World Entrepreneurs Group, experts and consultants from the United States Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other world top The research results have become an important basis for the assessment of intangible assets in the process of M & A. Its release of the 500 most valuable brand list is the international authority of the brand list.