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How to quickly identify fake Cummins engine parts through parts packaging?

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How to quickly identify the counterfeit Cummins engine parts through the packaging of parts? Mainly through the following methods:
● through Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging:

For the most common crates of users, Dongfeng Cummins stipulates that the packaging must contain the following:

1, Dongfeng Cummins company combination logo

2, Manufacturer: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

3, the company address: China's Hubei Province, Xiangyang City High-tech Industrial Development Zone free hotline: 400-880-9119

4, anti-counterfeit labels

● through Dongfeng Kang Si parts of the packaging:

Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging commonly used in the form of both wooden and corrugated boxes, the internal use of moisture, rust plastic bags.

● Material and color through Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging:

1, wooden packaging for the shallow walnut plywood, the box is printed on the front of the Dongfeng Cummins combination logo, manufacturers and company address and other text color is black; packing side of the box to write the serial number (handwriting), the use of moisture inside the package , Rust-proof plastic bags and parts of the certificate, the use of anti-rust bags sealed with a combination of printing tape seal;

2, corrugated box packaging is white, shading from the left to the right side, by 45 degrees angle printed with DCEC combination logo, the color is light blue; box box printed with Dongfeng Cummins combination logo, manufacturer and company address and other text Color is black; parts within the packaging using moisture, rust plastic bags, and marked with the number of parts, certificate, rust bag sealed with stapler sealing;

● Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging label:

Pure Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging must be affixed with a special anti-counterfeit labels.

● Use spare parts security labels to protect their own interests

When you buy parts, please look for Dongfeng Cummins parts packaging on the anti-counterfeit labels, and through the following ways to test the authenticity of the product:

1, observe the parts on the packaging of security labels

2, with a smart phone two-dimensional code scanning program to help you identify the authenticity of the scanned content and anti-counterfeit labels on the content exactly the same.

3, if you can not confirm the authenticity, please call the free inquiry phone 400-880-9119, reported that you scan the results to verify the authenticity.

If you Dongfeng Cummins through the above-mentioned way to verify the purchase of spare parts for non-Dongfeng Cummins pure spare parts, you can directly call the State Administration of Industry and Commerce complaints telephone 12315 to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests.

Dongfeng Cummins will be anti-counterfeiting technology upgrades from time to time, will promptly notify you, to avoid your legitimate rights and interests have been infringed.

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